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  • Clubs

    To give students an opportunity to showcase and hone their talents and also prepare them for intra school competitions, various club activities are conducted through the year. Club activities not only help students shape their personal interests and hobbies but also improve their leadership and social skills.

    Learn Think Innovate lab

    Learn Think Innovate Lab offers a suitable opportunity to validate the thoughts in order to foster innovative thinking in the brains of the young. The lab’s basic tenets range from basic troubleshooting of common appliances to creating machine prototypes.

    Green Club

    Green Club provides a wide range of activities to promote conservation and the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to instill in children the value of mother nature. The school practices organic gardening and upholds a plastic-free zone while emphasizing soil conservation. The NGC volunteers participate in activities related to bio diversity conservation, water conservation, energy conservation, waste management, land use planning and resource management. The club maintains cleanliness of the school premises, planting saplings and conservation of natural resources and environment.

    Astro Club

    The Astro Club is a community of like-minded people dedicated to advancing astronomy. Star parties are among our activities, when we use equipment to study the heavens.

    Tech Club

    Tech Club offers opportunities for students to thrive in disciplines such as coding, networking, artificial intelligence, and online courses designed to train them well ahead of market needs, allowing them to stay up to date with the latest technological advancements. As a part of talent development, multinational corporations like Cisco have provided certification programs.

    Heritage Club

    The heritage club’s core value is the development of strong individuals. Together with Penn Trust, the school develops UN sustainable development goals to assist students acquire moral values and become better citizens.

    Martial Arts Club

    The club includes Silambam and Karate. The main motto of this club is to teach the basics of silambam and Karate, different styles of silambam, self-defence and to create martial arts awareness.

    Chess Club

    To develop cognitive ability: attention, memory, analysis and logic; all fundamental building blocks for personal growth. Chess Club encourages students to provide opportunities for children to learn and play chess.

    Music Club

    The music club encourages students to realize their musical talent and also to perform. The member of this club has formed a choir group based on prior audition and the group then performs during Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. Interested students are also encouraged to participate in other Inter School competitions.

    Dance Club

    The motto of the Dance Club is to nurture the talent, celebrate the diversity and give expressions to the creativity of young minds. It encourages students to participate in various inter and intra school dance competitions.