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  • Vision & Mission


    Pro Bono Publico (“ Sarbat da Bhalla “ ) which translates “ For the Benefit of All”.


    Our Vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.


    • The school seeks to inspire and motivate children to strive for excellence, seek truth, live honorably, act responsibly and help others.
    • The School is committed to developing creative and critical thinking, nurturing innovation and excellence through education.
    • To prepare ‘Individuals’ as responsible ‘Citizens’ of the ‘World’ and to impart real ‘Education’ to the students who think objectively and creatively.
    • To focus on the holistic growth of the students – academic, social, physical and mental.
    • To create and maintain a culturally sensitive inclusive environment upholding core values of respect for diversity in each student through exposure to cultural diversity, languages and human rights.
    • To provide high quality academic programmes, training activities and also enriching co-curricular activities.
    • To create a healthy ambience in which new ideas and scholarship flourish and to prepare students by mentoring for leadership, instilling capacity to explore new ideas and take intellectual risks.
    • To support the learning experiences of students with participative projects and community engagement activities, which contribute to the development of their social consciousness, teamwork, interpersonal communication and relationship skills.
    • To play a catalytic role in developing ecological and ethical consciousness and a sense of responsibility among students for a sustainable future.